A sustainable knitwear manufacturing unit in Bangladesh

Protecting the environment and consciously striving to minimize use of natural resources are responsibilities that cannot be avoided. Cute Dress Industry Limited build new factory building as per guideline of US Green Building Council (USGBC) which will be an environment-friendly RMG factory in Bangladesh. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the USGBC to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design. We are in process of certification and very soon we will know our category report. Please stay tuned with us to know the result.

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However, besides of sustainable infrastructure we also created a safe and health workplace for the people who is making our clothes. We also working with a process where we are sourcing sustainable raw materials and encourage our buyers to buy more and more sustainable products like organic, recycled, eco-freindly fibers etc. Keep exploring the website and see how we are making differences than conventional factories.

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The Diversity

An 'out of box' manufacturing company

What We Produce

We produce for everybody whether it is symetric and asymmetric

We Play with Fibers

We can do both conventional or sustainable

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We have basic, classic and luxury fabrics

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We add values in your products

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We don't take overload works

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We try our best to match your timeline

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Project: Happy Faces

This is how we take care of our people

Cute Dress Industry Limited established with a notion to see the happy faces of its workforce. The well-being of its member of staff is the top priority above the sequential profit. Paying their salaries and other admissible benefits on time; taking care of the kids in the day care; ensuring their healthcare service with a fulltime Doctor and nurse; free medication; yearly medical check-up; taking care of expected mother and her newborn offspring; helping their children for education etc. are our fundamental and core operational features.

Entrepreneur Profile

The story of the risk taker

Mr. Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Director is the founder and dreamer of Cute Dress Industry Limited. He is a passionate change maker of Bangladesh readymade garment (RMG) industries to top notch niche manufacturer instead of a bottom of the pyramid manufacturer.

Back in 2003, he started his own business and established his connection in Nordic countries. Currently it is exporting to more than 25 high end brands...


Being a conventional manufacturer we are unable to take care of people and planet. Business as it is not an option anymore. Without taking care of people and planet nobody can have a sustainable and sequential profit. End consumer, shops, traders and manufacturer everybody has an eithical responsibility for the people who are making our clothes and for the planet where we are living. So be a part our drive and make difference in fashion industry.


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